Welcome to Casting Dreams Art!

"Fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it."
Henry Middleton

Minnesota artist, Helen Merchant, has always had a passion for adventuring in the great outdoors. As a child, she became “hooked” on fishing after landing a smallmouth bass while fishing for panfish with her father and great uncle. Since that time, her passion has spread to all forms of sport fishing. She loves the challenge and thrill of fishing in pristine lakes, wild and beautiful rivers, and powerful oceans. Through the years, Helen has been extremely fortunate to visit with many avid fishermen who have generously shared their knowledge, favorite fishing spots, tackle, and flies. That generosity has inspired her to create multi-media art creations which reflect the magic of fishing. Helen’s art captures the rich beauty of fish, intricacy of lures, flies, and fishing equipment.

Helen will make every effort to personalize your experience when selecting artwork. You are invited to browse through the gallery, and contact her directly by email or phone to answer questions or make suggestions in order that you receive the art that will meet your expectations.

Custom paintings of favorite lures or flies can be created for you or for your friends and family. Helen will work from personal photographs or the actual fishing paraphernalia to produce a painting. The completed original becomes your personal artwork.

Helen welcomes the opportunity to work with galleries, retailers, corporate accounts, and lodges to display her work. She is delighted to collaborate with each location on an individual basis for exceptional service for their clientele. Art that depicts the great outdoors has always been a popular component of attractive interior design for businesses in sporting communities. She would be thrilled to work with you to create cards or prints for your gift shop that provide a reminder of your clients’ memorable experiences.